Finally. An Affordable Gunshot Detection System.

Because every other active shooter detection system is hard-wired to either power or the communication system (or both), the actual installed cost is far more than the “list price.”


The inventors of the patent-pending Vigilant Response System solved this issue with completely wireless communication and a 5-year battery system.


This means easy and efficient installations and no hidden costs.


Save Precious Time To Save Lives.

For the vast majority of us, the sound of gun fire is startling and disconcerting. Emotions can run high, adding to the time for response.


Accounts of past school shootings show a significant lag between the beginning of an active shooter event and a call to law enforcement.


Critical And Accurate Information, Real Fast.   

The Vigilant Response System can accurately determine whether a given sound is gun fire in 3/100th of a second.


How fast is that? Try starting and stopping a stopwatch (like the one on your phone), and see if you can even come close.


The system then immediately sends an alert to law enforcement, school administrators – and anyone else you need to include – informing where in the facility the gunfire is taking place.


No False Alarms.   

The Vigilant Response System has been calibrated to distinguish between firearms and any number of potentially false positives, such as fireworks, air horns and loud banging.


You are assured that short of a response drill, the VRS is always on call, always listening, and knows exactly what it is listening for.

Take The First Step.   

Contact us by e-mail at info@wradone.com, and learn how affordable and effective the Vigilant Response System can be for your facility.