School Shootings Remain A Threat.

The statistics are disturbing.

In the universe of mass shootings, almost one-quarter have occurred at schools.


Reducing Response Time Saves Lives. 

The sooner law enforcement and EMS personnel can respond, the more lives can be saved – through mitigation of the shooter and treatment for victims.


Immediate, real-time gunshot detection alerts to law enforcement significantly reduces response time. And every minute counts.


Every available study indicates that the time for EMS intervention and quick transfer to a trauma unit has a direct impact on the chances of surviving a gunshot wound.

Where? What? When?   

Tactical information is as important as the active shooter alert itself. Knowing where in the facility gunfire is taking place is critical to knowing the appropriate response.


And this information has to be delivered in real-time, so both administrators, teachers, students and law enforcement understand where the threat exists and how and where to guide people to safety and where to guide emergency medical services.


The Threats Are Real. So Is The Solution.   

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