Designed for Rapid Response.

The sound is stored and analyzed in 3/100ths of a second by a series of algorithms, matching key signal features to classify the type of triggered event.

In less than three seconds the device will connect to our server and transmit a data packet containing the location of the event and a determination of the event to any number of locations or individuals.


The Patent-Pending Vigilant Response System monitor device detects a hypersonic (threshold) event, which includes gunfire or explosion


Accurate and Complete Information.

Monitors are located in every room and every 50 to 75 feet in common areas (hallways).


Single or multiple base stations link monitors through a specialized wireless secure network.

Sensors can be mapped to the school floorplan. When gunfire occurs, alerts include the floorplan and location of the gunshot for identification of where the threat is, and the best routes to lead people to shelter and safety.


Safety And Security.  

This solution monitors indoor sounds based on proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms and acoustic software that represents the next generation of gunshot detection.


This is cutting-edge technology, so please contact us by e-mail at info@wradone.com, and we will be happy to help you understand how the Vigilant Response System is the right active shooter detection system for your school.