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Immediate Response Saves Lives.

School shootings remain a threat to the lives and safety of our nation’s children and teachers. While this threat has actually been around since the 1800s, there has been a disturbing increase during the past five decades.


The Vigilant Response SystemTM is the first affordable gunshot detection system to increase safety in schools, virtually eliminating the time between the initial active shooter event and notification of law enforcement.


Every Minute Matters.

Studies have shown that each minute of delay increases the casualty rate of gunshot victims.


Unfortunately, some of the lag between the onset of a school shooting and the care by emergency service personnel has been the time until the “911 call.”


The Vigilant Response System is always alert and processing sounds, and is able to determine a gunshot from other noises. Should an active shooter event occur, information is immediately relayed to both law enforcement and facility administrators with critical information about where the shooting has taken place within the facility.

A Small Price To Pay For Security. Literally. 

Compared with every shot detection in the marketplace, the Vigilant Response System is the only affordable solution.


Because this is a battery-operated wireless system, installation is easy, and does not require the costly installation of wires connecting the detectors or even external power.


Make The Safe Call.

Contact us by e-mail at, and know that you are taking the next step of providing cutting-edge security for your schools.